Welcome to Consuming Fire Ministries!
Here are some FAQs to get you started.

Q. Why go to church?

A. Our purpose in meeting on Sunday is to follow the advice given in the Bible to continue meeting together to both grow and help others to grow. We sing together during worship. We learn together during the sermon. We share our joys and struggles after service. We all need a place that challenges us and accepts us. For us, church is that place.

Q. What is  a church service like?

A. From worship to fellowship, we have a blended style. While we lean to the loud side, worship includes Contemporary Christian, Gospel, and Hymns. Sermons focus on real issues that real people deal with every day, and then provide answers or guidance straight from the Bible.

Q. What about my kids?

A. Children are always welcome. We have Children's Church scheduled every Sunday and often have childcare for special services as well. We believe that children learn by watching, and we want to give them every oportunity to see positive in a world that is so often negative.

Q. What do I wear?

Whatever you are comfortable in. Some people enjoy dressing up on Sunday while others prefer to come casual. 

Q. How do I get connected?

A. We usually take in new members once a month. Please see one of the greeters who can direct you to the right person for any questions.